Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Post

Lately I have been posting pictures of things I cook or things Darren and I cook on FB. He suggested that I start a blog, so here it is. Since we often cook together, I named the blog for both of us. 

Darren and I both like to cook, and he will eat almost everything, but I am a bit picky. I don't like tomatoes or English peas, so if those things are in a recipe, I try to find a way around them, like in this lasagna. I left out the peas and used two 12 oz. packages of spinach instead. I also added some black pepper to the sauce and extra to the ricotta mixture, because I am a fan of pepper! It tasted great and looked really pretty.

I hardly ever follow a recipe as written, and I often don't measure spices, which makes it difficult to duplicate a dish that tastes really good. I am trying to get better at writing down what I do as I go along. Hopefully, this blog will inspire me to write as I go.


  1. Hooray! Although, you should have gone with "Two Khemists in the Kitchen."

  2. Try substituting broccoli for the English peas next time. Vegetarian lasagna with broccoli served at work was delicious.