Monday, April 18, 2016

Meal Plan Monday #174

The graduation countdown is ON! Five weeks, which will fly by! This week, I've got a lot going on at school and outside of school, but hopefully, none of it will spill over into the evenings, and we can have normal dinners...

Sunday:  Hamburgers with Loaded Mashed Potatoes and Caesar Salad

Monday:  Meat (Pepperoni and Sausage) and Veggie (Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, and JalapeƱos) Pizza and Salad

Tuesday:  Carnitas Tacos with Baked Refried Beans and Guacamole

Wednesday:  Tutorial Night Takeout!

Thursday:  Spinach and Ricotta Pasta with Cheesy Garlic Bread and Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

Friday:  Date Night! Lib's Pick!

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