Monday, July 9, 2012

Meal Plan Monday #5

This meal plan is only a partial week. I am going to visit my brother for a few days and leaving Darren to fend for himself. I'm going to make some big meals on Monday and Tuesday so that he can eat leftovers that reheat well for the rest of the week.

I can hardly wait to see my brother. It's been over a year since we last saw each other and that was a very brief visit. Being adult siblings and living far apart is hard. We were fortunate that in our early adulthood, we both went to graduate/professional school in Missouri. The 120 miles that separated us were hardly an obstacle, and we saw each other at least once a month for four years. I miss those times very much, and I am so excited about my upcoming visit! 

I plan on cooking up something special for my brother while I am there. Perhaps an early birthday cake? Maybe something else blog-worthy. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday: Salmon, Rice, and Salad

Monday: Black Beans and Rice with Cornbread

Tuesday: Chicken and Dressing with Green Beans

Wednesday - Saturday: Good luck, Darren! I bought you things for sandwiches and salads. There are fresh tortillas and plenty of pepper jack for quesadillas, and there's always spaghetti. Try to eat some vegetables while I'm gone!