Friday, April 26, 2013

Update: What's Going On With the Two Chemists?

These last few weeks have been very busy for us. We traveled to Saint Louis for my brother's wedding two weeks ago.
Then last weekend, I was sick, and Darren had to take care of me - clear liquids and a bland food diet for several days after that, so no exciting new food posts.

Today, I got my wisdom teeth removed, so I'll be on a restricted diet for a week or two. Probably no exciting food posts this week either, unless Darren is up to making some exciting foods to eat alone.

On the up side, the school year is winding down, and I hope to get back to some of my small-batch work this summer. The weather here is already really warm, and we are both looking forward to getting outside to grill. I have been working on some recipes for grilled chicken with Caribbean jerk seasonings and Indian tandoori seasonings. We got a set of firewires that we need to try out. There are beautiful ears of corn and summer squash and other produce that I can't wait to cook.

Here's to a (hopefully) speedy recovery and delicious meals coming soon!

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