Saturday, June 9, 2012

Date Night Restaurant Review

For the last two weeks running, Darren and I have tried new restaurants on our Friday night dinners out. Darren chose Oregano's for his last dinner pick, and we were both left questioning why we waited so long to try it out. Maybe he'll write about it sometime.

This past Friday, I chose Inka Fest. I had driven by it several times, but it isn't much to look at, so I hesitated. Last summer, we had a certificate to a different Peruvian place, and it was okay, but not good enough to go out of our way to go again. I think we will be returning to Inka Fest.

It was nearly empty when we got there; however, we were pretty early for dinner at just after 5:00. We were greeted at the door by two people who told us we could sit anywhere. As there was only one other group in the place, we really could. The decor is not exciting, but there are some neat Peruvian wall decorations. The service was fast and really friendly. 

We started with the choclo con queso and platano frito. If you've never had Peruvian corn, I highly recommend it. We've had it twice now and have enjoyed it both times. The fresh cheese and sauces they have are excellent, and make this a great appetizer. The fried plantains were soft and sweet, and very tasty.

For our main dishes, I had chaufa de pollo (chicken fried rice). It was excellent, and the portion was huge!  The chicken was all white meat, and the rice was flavorful and filled with egg and chicken bits. Darren had the aji de gallina, which is a chicken stew with rice and a hard-boiled egg. His dish was good, but was very mild. Since he tends to like spicier foods, it wasn't his favorite, but was still a good dish. One of the best parts of our meal was the price. We got two appetizer/sides, two entrees, and drinks for less than $40.00 with tip. It's definitely budget friendly, and I had leftovers to take home. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who likes to try different types of food. Good food, friendly service, and great prices!

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